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  • Current Research Interests : 

    We give below some of current researches of Monastir Pediatric Dentistry staff with related 1999  MeSH ( Medical Subject Headings of National Library of Medicine - US Department of Health and HumanServices).                                                                                                                                                 We will be proud and very honored to share our  modest experience with all the colleagues.


    • Pediatric Dentistry materials: we follow the evolution in pediatric restorative and preventive dentistry with apparition of new dental bonding materials and amelioration of composite resins.   ( MeSH:  Dental care for children - dental materials - dental restoration, permanent - dental restoration temporary - dental research).
    • Pedodontics  interception of malocclusion in primary and mixed dentitions: we study  the possibilities and limits in early management of some moderate malocclusion.  ( MeSH:  Dental occlusion - malocclusion - pediatric dentistry - orthodontics, preventive - orthodontics, interceptive - orthodontics, appliances).
    • Dental fluorosis:  dental fluorosis is endemic in Tunisia as in other North Africa countries. Its prevalence is marked in the West-South, near calcium phosphate mine. The last national school oral health survey revealed a prevalence of 26% (1% to 75%). We try to analyze the situation, to draw up the fluoride map and to study possibilities in management and prevention in dental fluorosis lesions. ( MeSH:  Fluoride - fluorosis, dental).
    • Dental manifestations of inbreeding: through two surveys in a little village where prevalence of deafness is marked and in another where dental agenesis is frequent, we try to look for dental repercussions of inbreeding and heredity. ( MeSH:  Inbreeding - tooth abnormalities - epidemiological studies).
    • Pediatric dentistry and orthodontic management of palatal cleft: epidemiological characteristics, classification, etiology, general and facial repercussions, antenatal screening, early management and prevention of palatal cleft are analyzed through some clinical cases.         ( MeSH:  Cleft lip - cleft palate - orthodontics, corrective ).
    • Clinical pharmacology of dental local anesthesia : literature review shows that dental local anesthesia seemed  more efficient in afternoon. Such observation is very important in dental care for children but is it true and why ? ( MeSH:  Pharmacology, clinical - chronotherapy - anesthesia, dental - anesthetics - dental care for children).
    • Oral prevention in preschool children: a preschool preventive program was set up in the kindergarten of Monastir in association with Tunisian Red Crescent. ( MeSH:  Oral health - dental health surveys - epidemiological studies - primary prevention - dental records - child, preschool).
    • Oral prevention in schoolchildren: through oral health survey we aimed to verify national oral survey findings and to suggest update of national  school preventive program. ( MeSH:  Oral health - dental health surveys - epidemiological studies - primary prevention - dental records - child, schools).
    • Management of medical wastes in dental practice: we analyze through a survey  nature, sorting, packaging, recycling, production control, protection of all people who handle dental wastes and protection of environment. ( MeSH: Dental waste, waste management, waste products, environmental pollution).
    • Experimental animal model in cariology: we try to cause experimental caries lesions by administration of cariogenic diet (Stephan 580 diet) in wistar rats. ( MeSH:  Dental caries - diet, cariogenic - animals, laboratory - rats, wistar).

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